Steel Gladium

The Steel Gladium is a group led by GustFlame (also known as Dboot98, Fooger, Pragmatic and Firetruck). It was originally formed after a failed reformation conducted by Pragmatic on Sleet Clan. This version of TSG would fail within a week, and Pragmatic would soon return to Sleet Clan once more.

In early 2014, Pragmatic (now under the account GustFlame after several terminations), created "Project Pervasive". Project Pervasive was a development group for a second era of TSG, and was used to organise development and keep future members of the Gladium active until the grand opening of TSG. When TSG finally opened, it totalled 100+ applications to the group and has since maintained huge amounts of activity through it's hype and popularity. It's average manpower is 70+.

It is an ally of the Roblox Assault Team, and has assisted in repelling Vaktovian raids on Celeste II. GustFlame, TSG's leader, is a common associate of ThePhantomHourGlass.