The New Frostarian Union was originally a rebellion against the leadership of cjsaurusrex, initiating into several other (recorded) groups such as the Frostarian Rebellion. However, over time, it began to evolve into its own group. NFU managed the creation of the 8G system alongside Tenal, which was of Cj's disapproval, and originally had a fort named the Blackout of Celeste.

It's logo is from the Flight of Liberation, which was what NFU stood for; the liberation of Frostaria.

It is the only successful rebellion on ROBLOX.

After the rebellion many high ranks got the Marshal & Admiral rank with the exception of Tenal who got Great Admiral for getting NFU where it was today.

Some high ranks who earned Marshal or Admiral were; iSython, Kaelan01, Indisdinct, dcmassena and speedyclub100.