Homeworld Security


Homeworld Security is a division within the Roblox Assault Team, with various different branches specializing in their own particular roles for the betterment of the group. The group was made during early April, when the Roblox Assault Team Medical Division had integrated within the Homeworld Security in order to increase effectiveness. The first commissioner of Homeworld Security is Meto02, the Admiral of Homeworld Security, which he became a Chief Justice as of 5/29/2015 and now Runesman181 is the current presiding comissioner for the division. It current holds 3 branches in which they are, Medical Branch, Intelligence Branch, and the Defense Specialist Branch in which they have a particular role to play when it comes to the matters of defending The Roblox Assault Team from its enemies. Each branch will have their own benefits when it comes to the defense of the fort but so far, only one of the three branch is currently activated.

Medical Branch Edit

The Medical Branch is a branch within Homeworld Security and is currently being run by no one currently, but someone will be appointed to become the director. There are two ranks within the Medical Branch and those are the Medic and the Doctor, with medic being the new and inexperienced member, while doctor being the Seasoned and Well-trained member within the branch. Members can be accepted by the completion of the medical evaluation made by Belugamorphic and the submission of a application to the Deputy Directors and Directors of the Branch. Members of this branch grants 100 Aurem in the Office of Naval Intelligence "Sierra" and have access to a medigun for them to ultilize for free.

Username Division Rank RAT Rank
Runesman181 Comissioner Justicar

Intelligence Branch Edit

The Intelligence Branch is a branch within the Homeworld Security that specializes in espionage and the handling of classified intelligence with other groups and within the group it self, it is also currently being run by no one as they need to find a member to take over that position. There is only one rank that pertains to this branch and that is only the Agent rank, and it is currently semi-activated but has only one member that is the agent rank. It is unknown that this branch will get benefits at the forts for future technology, but they have their own storage device for their classified documents for each category.

Username Division Rank RAT Rank
Runesman181 Comissioner Justicar

​Defense Specialist BranchEdit