Fort Borealis was a fort for the Roblox Assault Team commissioned from the leadership of ColourTheory to the second leadership of ThePhantonHourGlass. It was built and scripted by ColourTheory, Unclear, xSIXx and rulzalot, as well as some thumbnails created by renown artist blobmista4.

The fort's tactic is to capture the terminal located in the enemy team's fortress, which are located in different parts of the map. The islands of Borealis are located in a tropical climate, with the heading island (Borealis Crown) separated by a river. There are many more ways to access the enemy's fort, such as helicopters and boats.

Once the terminal is captured, the capturer must select the SID (Sparrow Information Drive) immediately and have it transported to their own fort, where they will wait twenty minutes for the hacking of the enemy.


  • Fort Borealis was featured on the ROBLOX blog.
  • Fort Borealis once had levels, but they were removed because of complainers.