Eclipse City is a sprawling, beautiful metropolis located nearby to the Borealis Islands. It is famous for it's breath-taking coastline covered in beaches and as a result is a very popular location for leisure activities on Frostaria - it is the single highest grossing city in the aspect of capital gains from tourism.

Popular LandmarksEdit

Located within Eclipse City are many notable Frostarian landmarks of which make Eclipse stand out as a unique supercity; Eclipse is home to the following notable landmarks:

Origins of Eclipse CityEdit

Prior to the colonization of Frostaria in the early 22nd Century, Eclipse City began as a small trading point designated for buying and selling precious resources located exclusively on Frostaria. It was later sold to the NewAge Corporation as a technological social experiment involving replacing common utilities around the average city with robotic equipment - the experiment was a failure but the city still remained under NewAge's possession; they exercised their ownership by creating the Eclipse Tower, a massive skyscraper used primarily for communication to NewAge Militia camps based around Frostaria but additionally served as a laboratory, office building and hotspot for the corrupt corporate giant. Eclipse City was seized from the control of the NewAge Corporation and into the hands of the Frostarian Union shortly after the collapse of the original Frostarian Government, with the implementation of the Sparrow Corporation as a governing body for Frostaria.