Dmoney433 is an ex RAT Admiral who helped RAT by leading men in battle and defenses. He later put his time into the Department of Progression where he worked as a successor to ex- Great Admiral HippieVanz, to train the members of RAT.

Dmoney's RAT HistoryEdit

Dmoney first joined RAT as a spy for VAK on an alternate account and later left after a week. Time went by as he was in VAK and the end of the first RAT vs VAK war came to an end, prompting members of each side to become more friendly with one another.

As a celebration, CrakTheRaven,Brickster1324(Castellian), and other Vaktovians went to celeste, after joining RAT to not be spawnkilled, to chat and mingle. Dmoney was in their group and followed them, mingled a bit, and was having a fun time. During this time Samj68 came raiding RAT as RSF, who was then spawnkilled by Dmoney. Samj told Dologan, and Dologan exiled Dmoney from VAK, which prompted him to pursue a career in RAT.

As Borealis was released Dmoney found himself destroying raider forces with little to no help, and was recruited into the Rodgers Rangers, whos sole duty was to defend RAT.

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