cjsaurusrex was a previous leader and member of the Roblox Assault Team Councilium under the reign of ColourTheory. He has served the team for a long amount of time, gaining a huge amount of dislike and criticism for his actions and homosexual likeness to VividSun. Soon after his disapproval of Tenal and the upcoming of RAT, he left RAT and created his own group, Icewatch alongside many other ex-RAT members.

During his reign of the Roblox Assault Team, he was sometimes biased towards some members, giving free promotions, or the favouritism to VividSun as "Marshal to the Grand Admiral". But internally, he was quite an intelligent and bright owner of RAT, and did a well good to it if not for the constant hatred on him.

He followed ColourTheory, and was followed by ColourTheory after giving up to leadership to him after persuasive messages from most RAT and C&G members.

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